RadTrack 2

RadTrack 2

The Radtrak2 long term Radon test kit is capable of testing your home or office for Radon over a long period of time.

În prezent, acest produs nu este în stoc și este indisponibil.

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Radonova is a global leader in radon detection theory, equipment, and research. With ultra-high accuracy over a prolonged period of time, you will gain a full and clear perspective on the risk of Radon exposure in your location.

Radon is a carcinogenic, radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. It is the world’s second most prevalent cause of lung cancer after tobacco use.

This deadly airborne poison is undetectable by sight, smell, or other ordinary sensory means. Only a long term Radon test kit can accurately and reliably detect the presence of Radon. There are a number of Radon detection devices available, but the best way to detect and measure for the presence of Radon in your home, or elsewhere, is by using a high quality, long term Radon test kit.

The Radtrak² offers an exceptionally large range of Radon detection and measurement at levels as low as 0.4 pCi/l up to 650 pCi/lover a period no shorter than three months. The Radtrak² Radon detector is composed of a high tech film element located in a pod composed of special anti-static plastic which enables Radon gas to enter via diffusion. When Radon gas enters the detector, it marks or leaves ‘tracks’ on the film chip inside During analysis, a state of the art image scanner reads the chips and calculates a total radon concentration.

Radon gas cannot be detected without the proper equipment. This means, while it is easily remedied when detected, cases of non-detection pose a great risk to the occupants of a building that is not monitored.

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